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உடம்பொடு உயிரிடை என்னமற் றன்ன மடந்தையொடு எம்மிடை நட்பு.
-- Thiruvalluvar

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Objective Of the Scheme:

The objective of the scheme is to empower and instill confidence among minority women, including their neighbours from other communities living in the same village/locality, by providing knowledge, tools and techniques for interacting with Government systems, banks and other institutions at all levels.
Empowerment of women per se is not only essential for equity, but also constitutes a critical element in our fight for poverty reduction, economic growth and strengthening of civil society.

Our Trust is committed to render our services to the poor children and destitute women thus  reaching the unreachable by providing the immediate assistance.

குட்வில்  டிரஸ்ட் உங்களை அன்புடன் வரவேற்கிறது
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Our Trust is of this strong opinion that everybody gets everything for their survival / day to day life. The school going children who are unable to continue their education because of their poverty and the destitute women who are deprived of their lively hoods have to be supported to get along. We are working towards achieving the above mentioned agenda with the help of the likeminded people, corporate houses and the philanthropist. 

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